The Hell Wars

The Arena

The story begins with an invitation from a nobleman. This nobleman has a job that he needs a group of adventurers to complete and only the best of the best will do. A ragtag few have decided to band together and take up this nobleman’s request, after a substantial reward of gold was eluded to.

After being drugged and kidnapped at the nobleman’s manor, the party awaken to find themselves in a wooded arena filled with other adventuring parties. The whole group is then told that they have to kill every other party in the arena before they can leave. Logically, a bloodbath ensues. The party manages to escape from the main clearing before they are assaulted by the battle. They spend the next few days fighting, running and dying in the arena. They have been attacked by Minotaurs and Blink Dogs, they’ve been chased by a group of hunters, they have made deals with Death himself and have almost been skinned alive. Only one person from the original party is still alive within the arena after two days, however, the parties ranks have been bolstered almost as much as they’ve been diminished. The nobleman has sent in reinforcements to all the parties to help replenish the losses suffered and hopefully to help the games continue for longer.

The party recently returned to the site of the initial massacre. Using what time they could spare, they grabbed as much magical and mundane equipment as they could carry. They didn’t bother to post a guard though and were subsequently ambushed by another party of adventurers. The only surviving member of the original party was destroyed by a fireball while the other member, a copper, dragon-wrought kobold, used his wings and the traps set around the clearing, to escape the would be killers. However, due to a favour owed to Death by the original member, she was brought back to life where she lay.


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